Offshore experts

Zenith Offshore Marine Experts

Definition of Expert: “having or showing special skill or knowledge because of what you have been taught or what you have experienced”
Our team of Master Mariners are all experts in their respective fields. Our  senior advisers all have  over 15 years experience in the maritime environment.
We select and utilize our staff and consultants on the basis of the different operations.

Prior to every operation we brief in depth about the task at hand.
During the operation we have 24/7 support from the office, if requested.


Rigowners wants to make sure that the rigmove is being conducted the safest possible way by professional Towmasters with proper experience and the necessary cooperation skills needed for such an operation.
The very important “single point of contact” is the Towmaster, which has the overview of the whole maritime operation from the rig.
The towmaster has overall responsibility of the operation and must make sure that the vessels are properly informed and instructed according to their respective tasks.
Zenith Offshore Towmasters have great experience in rig moving.

We have some of the most experienced towmasters in the industry.

Marine Representatives

The Marine Representative represent the operator and makes sure the operation is being executed in accordance with the Scope of Work and procedures. All depending on the setup will liaise between the parties offshore.
Usually the marine representatives and the Towmasters work well together and use each others expertise and know-how when cooperating in the field.

Marine Advisors

The Marine Advisor is usually called for when some sort of maritime expert assistance is needed.
On board anchor handling adviser, when the crew is not used to a certain aspect of anchor handling.
It can be that the crew is used to anchor handling in shallow waters only and are needed for deep sea anchor handling or vice versa.
The client needs someone with special insight on a construction vessel. The client needs someone to run the offshore operation.

Offshore Operation Managers

The operation manager is usually responsible for planning and running the operation.
From the very beginning to the very end. Mobilization, operation, de mobilization.
An offshore operation manager from Zenith Offshore is usually a Master Mariner with extensive experience from the field.


Our engineers are highly skilled individuals, with extensive experience in the offshore industry.