Zenith Offshore

We are an international offshore service company, specializing in maritime operations.

Founded in November 2014, by 17 individuals, with extensive experience in the offshore industry.

We provide our clients with high quality solutions for all marine operations and projects.

From the initial planning to the completion of the project, Zenith Offshore should be your preferred choice.

Every operation is unique and requires unique handling, Zenith Offshore appreciates this, and we work and plan accordingly.

All depending on demand and expertise needed we utilize our in-house staff and our pool of carefully selected consultants.


Constant care and proper planning will keep us on the path to our common goals!

(frontpage picture showing a Zenith Offshore Towmaster operation on the Britannia field,Positioning the COSL Rival, Siem Amethyst, Siem Opal, Rem Gambler and Loke Viking.)