Ethical behaviour and safe work practices.

Ethical behaviour and safe work practices.

Zenith Offshore is operating worldwide and therefore we will work with in a multinational environment. Our behavior towards other people will be that we respect other cultures, and do our business in an honest way at all times.

Zenith Offshore, employees and consultants will respect the law at all time and anywhere.

All sensitive information gained while employed for our Clients, will be safeguarded by our consultants and employees. All our employees and consultants have to sign a confidentiality agreement, before they are hired by Zenith Offshore.

We encourage all of our employees to speak their mind, when this is deem to be in favor for the safety or efficiency of the operation.

We are a strong believer of an “All stop” policy, i.e. if you see some working practices you deem to be unsafe for people or material, you are allowed to call out an “All stop”.