About us

Zenith Offshore was established in November 2014.
The office is located in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands.
We operate on a worldwide basis providing marine consultancy and engineering solutions to the offshore industry.


Zenith Offshore was founded in November 2014, by 17 individuals, from all over the world, who all have extensive experience in the offshore industry.
Practial, Analytical, Theoretical and Financial know-how.
Captains, Chief Officers, Naval Architects, Engineers, Towmasters, Financial experts, a broad spectrum of the offshore environment is represented in our owner structure.

This ownership structure pave the way for collaboration and to extract the best practices of the above disciplines and apply them in our services provided to our clients.


Our experience is deeply rooted into the offshore industry.

Spanning from the 1980s until today we have at least:

  • 150 years in the offshore industry.
  • 15000 hours of DP experience.
  • 2000 days construction operations.
  • 750 Rigmoves
  • 25000 days at sea

This, our vast experience pool, gives us a broad foundation for running our business and conducting offshore operations to high standards.