Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to continuously improve the safety and effectiveness of every offshore operation we are involved in.

Having the above statement in mind, we will contribute to a better and healthier offshore working environment.


This company is founded on seamanship, working ethics and principles passed on to us by our predecessors, we will honor this habit, and pass on our experience and knowhow to future generations, thus keeping the positive spiral of experience and knowhow in a vertical direction of Zenith.

We aim that in 15-20 years time everyone involved in maritime operations will look towards Zenith Offshore for offshore operations knowhow, sharing knowledge and experience collaboration.


We value the safety of our employees, coworkers and clients.

We believe that our present stands on the past and the future stands on the present. Therefore, we will safeguard the environment and natural resources in any way possible and at all times.