8 management principles

1. Leadership.

It is the Managing Director responsibility to lead our company to success.
It is the Managing Director responsibility to make sure that our employees fully understand our commitment to quality and that our quality system is a dynamic system, which will improve continuously.
It is the Managing Director responsibility to make sure that our employees meet our requirements.
It is the Managing Director responsibility to make sure that the all the employees are fully involved in achieving our objectives and goals.
It is the Managing Director responsibility to make sure that the system is at all times an aid for the employees and the company and not a burden.

2. Customer/Client focus.

We will do our outmost to keep our customers, our goal is that 100% of our customers return to us.
Therefore we must make sure that all the clients requirements are met and understood, before we take on the next step of the planning.
We do this systematically, to make sure that everything is in order.
We use our PDCA system for this and our procedures for customer care.
Our motto, “Constant care and proper planning, will keep us on the path to our common goals!”

3. Involvement or our employees.

Zenith Offshore will at all times recognize that the company is build up around our employees. The peoples of the company are our recourses. Therefore everybody must be fully involved.
It is the Managing Directors responsibility to make sure that the employees abilities are recognized and utilized for the greater good of the employees and thus the company.
The employees are encouraged to “speak their mind” for innovation and creativity and to be able to freely sharing knowledge and ideas.

4. Process approach.

We strive to fulfill all of our activities in processes, these processes are inspired by the PDCA philosophy.We use these processes to be able to measure efficiency, discover potential non conformities, customers satisfaction and to improve on every aspect of our business.
In our assignment and operation phase.
Plan the operation – execute the operation – evaluate during and after the operation – implement findings and suggestions – then plan the next operation to a higher level than previously.
All employees can contribute with suggestions which will be evaluated and implemented if appropriate and relevant.

5. System approach to Management.

It is the managements responsibility to understand, manage and acknowledge these interrelated processes as a system which contributes to our efficiency and aids us in our journey towards our common goals.
Utilizing the system in all our processes we are able to deliver a high product every time, consistently.

6. Continual improvement.

The core process of the whole system is continual improvement. If we are not improving constantly the system is not functioning.
This is also one of our objectives to improve continuously.

7. Factual approach to decision making.

Our decision making will rest on factual data obtained.The data and information obtained, will come from our feedback and comment system. Also from the system as a whole. I.e. records, review, Reports from operations, meetings etc. all documentation accumulated in the system, which can be used for evaluations and analyses, will be used.

8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationship.

 It is the Managing Directors responsible to make sure that Zenith Offshore and its suppliers create long term future relationship, which both the supplier and Zenith Offshore can benefit from.
As of now, in our offshore activities we will encounter following suppliers of services.
Consultants (one man limited company)
We will deal mostly with consultants from a one man limited company. Here it is vital for us that we establish good relationship.